Carl Hardin


I have been involved with timeshare for the past 28 years and served in traditional hotel management for 4 years prior to timeshare. For several years, I was responsible for the maintenance, upkeep, and guest servicing for the hotel guests and timeshare owners.

In 1981 I formed Heritage Properties in Hawaii which provided full real estate services and specialized in property management serving over 15 associations. During the ensuing 18 years I worked closely with Consolidated Resorts managing all of their properties and providing other real estate and business services to them.

In 2000, Consolidated Resorts acquired my company and I joined their firm as a Regional Vice President. In 2003 I was promoted to Chief Operating Officer responsible for all facets of the operations of the timeshare company including oversight of the property management division of the company. I currently serve on several timeshare and condominium association boards in Nevada and Hawaii as well as the timeshare board for the Villas at Regal Palms. Since the recent events that have caused Consolidated Resorts, Inc. to file for bankruptcy protection, I have moved over to ASNY Realty, LLC as the Chief Operating Officer.

When serving on any board, all of us previously at Consolidated Resorts and now at ASNY Realty, LLC have drawn a careful line between the interests of our units and the interests of the members that we serve. Although those interests are more often than not commonly aligned, the best interest of the property as a whole is our concern. It would be a pleasure to serve on the Board of Directors for the Regal Palms and I would hope that my many years of experience on similar boards would benefit the ownership of the Regal Palms.

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