Kathleen A. Laboon


Hard to believe it’s been 2 years that I have served on the HOA BOD. First I want thank everyone who gave me their vote the last election, I hope that my service is what you expected. I’ve learned so much in past 2 years and have to say that my fellow board members have my utmost respect. We have a very strong board and everyone comes to the table with thoughts and ideas to help make Regal Palms a topnotch community. I would be honored to stay on the board to help improve and keep the momentum we have built going on.

My husband Bill & I are native Pittsburghers who bought into Regal Palms in Phase 1. We own a Cayman at 144 Verona and try to visit our place 3 – 4 times a year. We are the proud parents of 2 sons, Bill (30) and Philip (28) who also use our place a few times a year. My goal is to someday be a snow bird and stay a few months to miss the Pittsburgh winters. We also started hosting exchange students. Our first daughter came from Brazil and spent an entire year with us. Before she left we met her family and stayed with them at Regal Palms. It was such a great experience that we are hosting another student from Brazil, Phelipe will be here next month and again we are planning to meet up with his parents before he leaves at the end of the school year.

I retired as a Senior Master Sergeant from the Air National Guard 3 years ago. Since then, I’ve been working for son, Philip. He owns an Internet Marketing Company, Eyeflow LLC. I think I’m busier now than when I was in the military, but I don’t have to ever put on a gas mask or combat boots! Being the Boss’s Mom gives me the luxury of being able to participate in all of the HOA BOD meetings which have to be scheduled to take in account the different time zones. My husband Bill is a plumber and he is my sounding board.

Again, it would be an honor to be reelected onto the Board. I know that we have made some great changes and improvements over the past 2 years and am looking forward to continuing to be a voice of Owners. I believe we have a strong group with the owner’s already involved and together we can accomplish a great deal.

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