Rob Benson


Age 51. Married to Renee Benson for 32 years. Two Children – Tasha Adams (husband Chad), with 2 boys Layne (4) and Griffin (1-1/2) &Kayla Benson. Worked at Wells Fargo (Norwest) bank for 10 years as credit manager. Now working in the auto industry as a finance director for the past 26 years. My wife and I bought into the Regal Palms dream when it was still an orange grove. I was there when the pool and club house were being built. I was standing in what is now the lazy river thinking about what a wonderful place this would be. Now all these years later and with all the problems we have faced over the years with the Club not living up to what we were promised when we all bought into the dream of Regal Palms has turned into a nightmare for too many. My goals as a board member would be to bring up our property values of our homes and our rental rates from our guests to what they should be. I believe the Guard Shack was a great first step but we have a ways to go. I believe it is the HOA Board’s responsibility to make sure the Club delivers a club that we can all be proud of. It should be a 5 Star Resort and the homeowners deserve that. The Board is the voice for us homeowners, and I do not believe most homeowners believe they are getting what they have paid for. I also believe that board members should not have any financial ties to the Club. There should be no question that the choices made by the board should revolve around what is best for the homeowners. We must remember that we do not work for the Club, they work for us. They are there to serve us and our guests, not just to collect the fees and provide us with poor customer service. If you elect me to represent you and your investment, I promise to make decisions based on what is best for the homeowners and the future of Regal Palms. I still believe that this could be a wonderful place and a good investment for all of us. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I would appreciate your vote and your support.

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