Thomas Ben Kennedy

My family and I bought a home in Regal Palms in July 2010 seeing the potential for a great investment and place for our family to vacation. My wife, son, and I live in Toronto, Ontario, and are expecting our second child in early 2018! I have a varying background of experience and skills that I believe will be a benefit to the Home Owners Association if voted to serve on the Board of Directors.

I currently serve as the Administrative Pastor at the church I’ve attended for 27 years, Catch The Fire in Toronto. Prior to my current role, I spent 12 years as the Youth Pastor working with our Junior and Senior High students. My experience in Youth Ministry includes planning and managing many small and large events from annual summer camps with over 100 students to conferences for a few thousand youth, researching and applying for various government grants and most recently opening a youth drop-in centre in our local mall which saw over 10,000 youth come through within a year. I also have experience in Bookkeeping for various small businesses.

I have a strong work ethic and am committed and excited to see our investment at Regal Palms grow and the home values of all Owners increase over the next two years. We are at a very critical time as a Home Owners Association as we have many decisions to make regarding the future of Regal Palms, including the opportunity to purchase the Club, build additional pools and carve a path forward for the benefit of all Home Owners.

My hope is that no matter who is elected to the Board that each and every one of our Board members can say that they are willing to serve the needs of our entire Community and make decisions in the best interest of all Owners. If elected to the Board of Directors I will do my best to serve over the next two years and to put all of my skills forward in the best interest of the Owners at Regal Palms Orlando.

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